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In this section, we are collecting the most relevant and interesting information items we find about woody biomass, especially in relation to the UP.  The items are listed in four general categories: 

One excellent source of information regarding all four of these categories is the "Woody Biomass Desk Guide and Toolkit" which is available on the website of the National Association of Conservation Districts. NACDin collaboration with federal, state and local partnersis working to raise awareness about the potential for woody biomass as a primary feedstock for such products. Together, these partners have made available this new Woody Biomass Desk Guide and Toolkit. The Desk Guide provides an overview of woody biomass production and utilization in the U.S., tips for providing effective outreach to clientele and educational handouts to share with audiences. The guide will equip natural resource professionals and outreach specialists with the information and tools needed to increase awareness of the use of woody biomass for energy in the U.S. Check it out on NACD’s website at http://nacdnet.org/resources/guides/biomass/ 

The Information Search tool located in the About Us section may be used to locate Information Items  by title, keyword, or any combination of 13 topical categories (see daigaram below).  Information Items include news releases, websites, documents, contacts, biomass harvest opportunities, and other resources.   You man browse the items in any of the 13 categories by jumping to the area of interest with the links above or on the left side of the page.

Information Sets Concept Map

Harvest & Transport: Loggers Harvest & Transport: Equipment & Methods Woody Biomass Harvesting and Transport Woody Biomass Utilization Utilization: Heating System Engineers/Consultants Utilization: Industrial Utilization: Commercial/Community Utilization: Residential Production: Inventories Production: Forestry Assistance Production: Forestry Aspects Woody Biomass Production Implications: Air/Climate Pros and Cons of Woody Biomass Implications: Habitat/Biodiversity Implications: Soil & Water Conservation Implications: General/Economic
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