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A Shining Example:  Pinecrest Medical Care Facility

One of the most inspirational examples of wood energy use in the UP is the Pinecrest Medical Care Facility in Powers half way between Iron Mountain and Escanaba.  This multi-faceted facility burns woodchips year around for space heating, food services, laundry services, snow removal, and air conditioning.   The system was installed about 1985 and has been periodically modified to improve its performance.


Across the UP, 70 Boilers are Fueled with Woody Biomass

Beyond the numerous wood stoves and furnaces in residences and small businesses across the UP, the main use of woody biomass for energy in the region is in wood-fired boilers.  A good idea of the nature and extent of this use can be obtained from a report developed for the Southeast Michigan RC&D Council entitled Exploring Woody Biomass Retrofit Opportunities in Michigan Boiler Operations.  Additional information about the boiler study is available at the Michigan Wood Energy website.


The following tables derived from the boiler study cited above summarize the status of wood-fired boilers in the UP.  Table 1 shows that there are 70 wood-fired boilers in the UP, ranging from none in Keweenaw and Mackinac Counties to 10 in Menominee County.  These account for only 1% of the 4706 boilers in the UP.


Table 1. Types of fuels used in boilers in Michigan's Upper Peninsula by county.

BARAGA 132093102147
UP TOTALS4270024794223704706
UP PERCENTS91%0%5%2%0%0%1%100%


Table 2 shows the estimated additional wood-fired boiler capacity (in btu's) and wood use (in tons per year) that could be achieved by converting those existing boilers to wood fuels that would have paybacks of less than 20 years. 


Table 2. Wood use in boilers in Michigan's Upper Peninsula by county.

 Existing Wood Boiler CapacityApproximate Existing Wood Use Wood Boiler Capacity of projects w/ paybacks of Potential Additional Wood Use Potential Total Wood Use 
COUNTYbtustons per yearbtustons per yeartons per year
ALGER  51,255,740            12,472       5,748,667          1,399      13,871
BARAGA        298,000                  73       3,316,000             807           879
CHIPPEWA    1,530,000                372     48,070,000        11,697      12,069
DELTA  11,047,000              2,688       3,516,000             856        3,544
DICKINSON  50,624,000            12,319     19,454,167          4,734      17,052
GOGEBIC       580,000                141          125,000              30           172
HOUGHTON  27,891,000              6,787       6,866,333          1,671        8,458
IRON  11,272,000              2,743          131,167              32        2,775
KEWEENAW               -                     -                    -                 -               -  
LUCE       135,000                  33     16,097,000          3,917        3,950
MACKINAC               -                     -         6,931,301          1,687        1,687
MARQUETTE  94,622,000            23,025     47,825,667        11,638      34,662
MENOMINEE  54,189,000            13,186       3,067,000             746      13,932
ONTONAGON    3,650,000                888       8,370,000          2,037        2,925
SCHOOLCRAFT  10,310,000              2,509           36,667                9        2,518
UP TOTALS 317,403,740            77,235   169,554,968        41,258     118,493

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