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Calendar of Events

During 2008, the BURN-UP Project will be hosting three types of events:


  1. Tours of wood-heated UP schools.  The 2008 tours have been completed.
  2. Workshops on woody biomass harvesting.  Two workshops were held in September of 2008, a shelterwood harvest on September 17th and a hardwood selection harvest on September 18th. Two more woody biomass harvesting workshops will be held during September 2009. For more information, go to the homepage and check out the information under BURN-UP Events.
  3. Educational presentations on woody biomass utilization to schools and other groups.  Presentations will be provided on request, when possible.


As soon as they are scheduled, events will be posted on the Event Calendar to the right.  You can click on the title of an event to get more information about it.


Other calendars that list biomass energy events include: 

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