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Introduction to the BURN-UP Project


Purpose - The overall purpose of the BURN-UP Project is to stimulate the development of a sustainable woody biomass industry in Michigan's Upper Peninsula (a.k.a. "the UP") via a dual approach.� One approach is by promoting increased use of wood as a fuel for a wide variety of applications because of its many economic and environmental advantages over non-renewable fossil fuels.� The other approach is by providing information about the environmental risks of excessive or poorly located biomass harvesting.� These two approaches match the natural resource conservation and development mission of the lead sponsoring organization, The Upper Peninsula Resource Conservation and Development Council (UP RC&D).

During Phase 1 (2007-08), the primary objectives of the Project are:

  • Formation & quarterly meetings of the BURN-UP steering committee
  • Production & distribution of a fact sheet on Heating UP Schools with Woody Biomass
  • Energy system survey of UP Schools
  • Preliminary engineering assessment for conversion to wood heat for three UP schools
  • Public tours to three UP schools currently using wood heat
  • Woody biomass harvest workshops at two sites in the UP
  • Development of woody biomass harvesting guidelines for the UP

History - Phase 1 of the BURN-UP Project was initiated in September 2007 when the Upper Peninsula Resource Conservation and Development Council (UP RC&D) received a $100,000 grant from the U. S. Forest Service to promote the sustainable use of woody biomass.� The overall goal of this grant is to promote landscape-scale partnerships involving forest restoration and the use of woody biomass. �Accordingly, the project has numerous partners throughout the Upper Peninsula from both the public and private sectors and will be demonstrating how woody biomass harvesting can be used to restore forest health.

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